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An "election" reform proposal

There are several reasons why elections are stupid and why selections are much smarter. I will publish here a detailed proposal that is designed to select better qualified people to government office.

I have detailed the reasons why elections are stupid on the website of that name:

Following are my thoughts on why SELECTIONS are smart. To get a good set of people into government they should have qualifications to fill the post and that are totally different qualifications needed to become elected. Elections are the same stupidity as looking for a forklift driver by testing a group of people on how well they can grill a steak. Selection on the other hand will find a good forklift driver by giving a group of people tests on driving forklifts and selecting the best one as the person to fill the job of forklift driver.

In filling elective office posts for President of the United States there is somewhat of a selection taking place. One qualification for becoming a reasonably successful candidate for the presidency seems to be that one has to be or must have been a member of one of the following organizations: Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations. That constitutes somewhat of a selection process.

A better system to arrive at good qualified leadership for public office, is to use the similar process that private industry uses to find qualified employees. There are headhunters that look for well qualified people with experience that may help them in performing their jobs. There are tests that give an insight in the qualifications for the job. And then there are job interviews.

If candidates for political office were to go through such a selection process we would certainly have a better chance of weeding out the candidates with low qualifications and low ability. The ones with good abilities and qualifications would be allowed to run for election. Just like what a driving test is to obtain a drivers licence, this would be a qualification license to be allowed to enter into a contest for elective office.

Is this undemocratic? It will be undemocratic to those who believe that everybody should get a drivers license without a drivers test or drivers exam or anybody who shows up for getting a job as a pilot for American Airlines or United should get the pilot job without training for a pilot's license and extensive examination.

Are you surprised that we have such dreadfully poor government everywhere in the World? Of course in a few countries there are totallitarian unelected governments where they are doing better than elected governments.

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